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IDS people and their decks

Originally Posted by Keavy McGee
p.s. Will there be a list anywhere of all of the IDSers this round and their decks? That would be cool!!
Here you are, a list of all people who announced they'd do an IDS starting around June 21 (or continuing their IDS from before), in alphabetical order, together with the decks we picked (ETA: I left out the oracles, by the way):

Allure - Songs for the Journey Home
arcana17 - Thoth
Bloudwedd - LS Pagan Tarot (on hold)
cronesayer - DruidCraft
Disa - Buckland Romani + Bohemian Gothic
easternsunrise - Llewellyn
Emily - Liber T
Eugenia Madora - DruidCraft
Faolainn Storm - Arthurian Tarot Hallowquest
Hooked on TdM - 1JJ Swiss
jema - Tarot of the Spirit
Keavy McGee - Vanessa
MistressNatasha - Gilded
Neely75 - Alchemical: Renewed
peridot - Hoi Polloi
PolarBear - Llewellyn Tarot (continuing)
Prism - Golden Tarot
punchinella - Morgan Greer
Quantum James - Liber T
quiet0ne - Victorian Romantic + Osho Zen
rwcarter - Ancient Egyptian Tarot (continuing)
Scion - Liber T + Thoth (continuing)
shamoness - Pearls of Wisdom (original plan completed)
Skimo - Archeon
Skydancer - Pearls of Wisdom
sravana - Fournier/Hadar Tarot de Marseille
Sunemi - Victorian Romantic
thorhammer - Wheel of Change (continuing)
vhrsn - Voyager Tarot
Weed Woman - Morgan Greer

If anything is wrong, please let me know. I'll try to keep this list up-to-date, but if I miss anything, please feel free to let me know (or post a corrected list yourself).
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