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Hi, all! It's nice to be back - did anyone else have issues with AT yesterday??? Welcome to new initiates and congrats to those who've chosen decks.

Prism ~ good on you for trying out the Tarot Tree! I'm not surprised it was a little dim for you - as I've said before, I've spent almost three months getting my head around my deck and only in the last week or two working with the Tarot Tree. I like your description of the Majors as unruly monsters! That's how I feel about them - I read so much better with Minors

Cat* ~ Thankyou so much for going to the trouble of keeping track of everyone! Can you please add Scion, continuing with the Liber T and Thoth and book-writing? I've linked your post into my initial post in this thread, so it doesn't get lost

\m/ Kat
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