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Originally Posted by Cat*
Here you are, a list of all people who announced they'd do an IDS starting around June 21 (or continuing their IDS from before), in alphabetical order, together with the decks we picked (I left out the oracles, by the way):

afrosaxon - Daughters of the Moon
Alamaris - Thoth
Allure - Songs for the Journey Home
Bloudwedd - LS Pagan Tarot
Cat* - Housewives Tarot
Disa - Buckland Romani + Bohemian Gothic
Emily - Liber T (continuing)
Eugenia Madora - DruidCraft
Faolainn Storm - Tarot of Dreams (continuing)
jema - Tarot of the Spirit
Keavy McGee - Vanessa
Neely75 - Alchemical: Renewed
Onyx - still undecided
PolarBear - Llewellyn Tarot (continuing)
Prism - Golden Tarot
Promise - Minute
rwcarter - Ancient Egyptian Tarot (continuing)
Scion - Liber T + Thoth (continuing)
shamoness - Robin Wood
Skimo - Archeon
sravana - Maat
Starlily - Fairytale
thorhammer - Wheel of Change (continuing)
vhrsn - Voyager Tarot
Weed Woman - Morgan Greer

If anything is wrong, please let me know. I'll try to keep this list up-to-date, but if I miss anything, please feel free to let me know (or post a corrected list yourself).
Good Morning and bon chance, everyone!! Happy Solstice to all, and Happy Kickoff Day, for those that are starting IDSing today!! Happy Continuation Day to all who are...continuing.

Wishing you all great connections and deep insights this summer. And FUN!!

Cat*, thank you so much for doing this list, and updating it already!

Skimo, good choice on the Archeon, enjoy each other!

Eugenia, thank you for the reminder, I too have to amend my Pledge as I'll also be hosting the Noblet, a commitment I made ages ago and am really excited to finally see almost here at last - I think it's actually in Texas!!

easternsunrise, I love my Inner Child cards. Another ATer turned me on to them and I returned the favor by enabling several others!! They were almost my IDS choice, too. I'll be excited to see what you discover.

cronesayer, hey baby! you and Eugenia stay out of trouble now, y'hear?!!!

Disa, thank you for the reminder about Tarot World Magazine. I've been too busy to read it!!

Promise, good for you, I admire your courage.

Hi, Polar Bear!

So happy to be hooked up with all you good people!!


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