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More symbols~

The bird in this card is a stork~
This is a sign of a new arrival or a birth of a new project in your life. It can signal the conception or the birth of a new idea.
The stork is also an omen of domestic happiness and contentment.
The Secret Language of Signs by Denise Lynn
A stork nesting on one's property is welcomed as a good omen; they are thought to bring good luck and harmony to the family.

The plants along the edge are sending roots down into the water~
This can represent tapping into the hidden and murky parts of the psyche. Waters of life come from above also, the woman is willing to pour out what we need from her pitchers.

Some keywords/phrases from Pictures From the Heart by Sandra A. Thomson~“…attending to or balancing inner and outer awarenesses … allowing cosmic energies to flow through one … renewal of life forces or energy …”

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