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Hi Everybody,

This morning, I'll be catching up on all the posts I've missed, because I only just popped in yesterday. I'm know particularly interested in delving into Kat's Tarot Tree (post #94).

Plus, I haven't posted my commitment "rules" for this IDS journey yet, so here they are:

I will

1. Keep my IDS commitment beginning this moment until the Autumnal Equinox on September 22.

2. Read exclusively with my IDS Tarot deck, the DruidCraft.

3. Read every day.

4. Keep a journal page for every card and develop my own companion book for my deck by the end of this IDS journey.

5. Use the DruidCraft companion book and other reference materials as necessary.

6. Visit the IDS forums and catch up at least once a day.

7. Stop adding to my Tarot collection.*

8. Ask for handholding when I need it.

9. Extend a hand to whomever asks for it.

*Exception to the rules: I ordered the Steele Wizard this morning with the promise to myself that when it arrives, I will check it and put it away for my next IDS journey (beginning 9/22/08), and this is what caused me to come here and post these rules, because it's easy to make myself these kind of promises, and then talk myself out of them, but it's a little tougher to work my charm on everyone else.

You guys are great!


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