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Originally Posted by thorhammer
In my quest to explore the Wheel of Change in sets of cards, I came up against the Court cards. This was fine, as I started with the Disks and I understand that Suit and element quite well, and I could easily apply what I saw in those cards to discussing my own ideas. Plus, I've got those cards a few times in readings, which helps.

The next ones I tackled were the Wands. Problem. You see, in this deck, the creator (IMO) has given the Suit of Wands a very limited spectrum of qualities and energies. Basically, she has limited her discussion of the Wands cards due to her overuse of the word "creative", and having read the book cover to cover (what a major that was!) I must admit to being a little brainwashed about this. So I had to think about Wands and what they mean to me, and especially what this deck's Wands cards say to me.

I journalled my musings on this idea, and I've come up with some extensions of my original (nebulous) understanding of the Wands Suit. It was basically a conversation with myself (hence, I'm not posting it ), but in the end, I decided that Genetti has truncated the power of the Wands by pinning it down with that one word. Mind you, I didn't have much more luck finding words, but then my brain's been fried recently. I came up with notions such as:

life force
spiritual light
divine spark

I pulled out the Majors that I link with the Wands through their imagery alone (as I'm not familiar with the elemental associations of the Majors, and they're probably all changed in this deck anyway!): Magician, Emperor, Strength, Tower, Star, Sun.

Conclusion in my journal:
That which is under the influence of the Wands energy yearns upward, despite the mystery, in search of a higher plane of awareness.
I have to sympathise with you on this. For all that fire is my element (leo with sag rising!!) it has always been the most difficult element for me to come to terms with.
I think the difficulty is the lack of a physical trait to hang it on. The others connect so well - Earth as the body, Air as the mind and Water as the emotions - but that leaves Fire as what??? Intuition? Energy? Vital Energy? Creative Energy? Soul? Spirit? (And there's another conundrum, some people use the term soul, others spirit and some both but as different things ).
Unfortuantely I have yet to work this one out myself, so I can't really help you with your dilemma. Though I must say, I love your list of Fire traits and your conclusion. I may have to steal that line for when I get to the wands suit myself (I'm still slogging through the majors, but finally getting somewhere! YAY!)
I wish you luck with this battle. I'm sure it will fall into place for you. And when it does, please tell us what you find.

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