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I started my 3rd IDS last night with the Liber T - it does feel like a different study this time round. I picked a card and although it felt like a daily, I didn't focus on getting a card for the day, just a study card.

It gave me the Cup 6, which in the Liber T is, well - lets just say you wouldn't find this image on a RWS or clone deck - but it also fitted in with a thread I'd been reading about decks which are sexual - and now its got me thinking about the Liber T.

For this study again, I have no real rules. I'll just keep going as long as I want but if it turns into a chore then I'll stop the study. I will be using books again, various Thoth and symbolism books and Scion's amazing guide. I'll handle my deck everyday, still try to do the dailies but more importantly start concentrating on the individual cards until I've done them all. I'm not sure if I'll do one a day or two or more but I'll study a card until I think I've got all I need, then I'll move on to another card.

Welcome to all the new faces who have joined us - even if you only do a few weeks of using a deck exclusively, you'll get so much out of it but if you stick it out until the end of your study then you won't ever look back.
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