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Originally Posted by Llynn
My IDS with the DruidCraft and the Druid Animal Oracle finishes today and I can truthfully say that I have enjoyed it. I loved the DC but after trimming the cards to just the image a definite bond developed.
I totally agree -- I've also found that trimming away everything but the images has truly brought me closer to this deck. I've been using my DC (off and on) in its trimmed state for maybe two years. Then, yesterday, I sat down and trimmed a second one. This time, however, instead of rushing through the job to see the final results, I shuffled the cards and laid out the first seven in a spread and thought about what I was looking at. Then, I trimmed each card with a scissors and laid it back down and continued to watch the spread develop without borders. It was fascinating work. With this deck, however, I left the titles on, thinking I would dedicate it to public readings. Now, I'm actually not sure whether I'm going to keep those titles or not, but having them made me realize that I've used my images-only deck for so long that I had forgotten that the pages and knights in the DC are actually princesses and princes! A rose by any other name...

Originally Posted by Llynn
I am going to continue using the DC for spreads but I am leaving the IDS. I want to work through 'The Secret Language of Tarot' by the Amberstones, and I will want to compare the RWS with the DC in the flesh so to speak. I hope to rejoin the IDS at the September Equinox - probably with the Voyager.

I enjoyed reading all the posts, even though I was not a contributor, and I want to thank everyone who shared their experiences.

Best wishes to all those continuing or just starting out.
Thank you, and you have my best wishes, too, Llynn. Pursuing "The Secret Language of Tarot" with the Amberstones sounds like a very interesting and worthy project. Good luck & have fun!

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