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Llynn, good luck with "The Secret Language of Tarot." It looks like a great book. I may be on board for a second IDS in the fall. (Whoa Starlily, don't get ahead of yourself!) So I may be right there with you.

cronesayer, I trimmed my Druidcraft a while back and loved the result. I used a regular pair of scissors, trimmed very slowly and carefully, and was very pleased with the end result. My cards are borderless and have no titles. The deck is so much easier to handle in the smaller size.

Onyx, the Revelations Tarot is a vibrant, exciting deck. I love Zach's companion book, too. He did a superlative job with it. I don't think you will ever run out of things to think about with this intricate, yet straightforward deck.

Inspired by cronesayer and others who are journaling, I did start writing today. I'm creating my very own "Starlily's Fairytale Tarot Companion." I am using Microsoft Word. I'm going in the same order as the book, card by card. I came up with a very simple format.

Tale Highlights - Using bullets, I summarize the key elements of each story.
Meanings - I quote Karen's meanings from the book and then have a separate section of my own personal meanings, comments, and impressions.

Simple, straightforward. But I think this will help me immensely to have a snapshot of each story on hand as I really delve into the deck and this will help make the deck easier for me to use for longer readings down the road. I may put my writings up on a blog but am going to check first with Karen to ensure she's okay with me quoting her.

I feel very excited and energized. It will feel great to have something concrete (my writings) when my IDS is over--as well as the experience and knowledge I gain from the intensive study.

I hope I can do it!
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