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Originally Posted by Bloudwedd
So I am very much considering scipping the chronological stuff and go back to my daily card practice. But my deepest fear is that (and I know that it will happen sooner or later)I will draw too many duplicas or triplicas even from cards that really have a message to rub in and thus I wont be able to complete the entire deck till fall equinox.
Reoccurences of the cards will happen when doing daily draws. They usually either mean that there's a particular message that you need to pay attention to or that there's some other aspect of the card you need to understand.

My nemesis from my deck, the King Cups, kept coming up at the beginning of my first IDS to question my commitment. Once I proved my commitment (to myself? to the King Cups? to the Universe?) he stopped coming up.

Originally Posted by Bloudwedd
EDIT: Just realised the most clever thing would be to just rephrase my terms of completion. Instead of it ending around fall equinox I have it end when I have worked my way through all 78 cards. Will takes longer most certainly but have all the benefits as I wrote above! Duh!
Depending on the type of question you ask with your daily draw, there are cards that you may never see. At some point you'll prob have to purposely pull those cards out of the deck to study them.

Tracking your draws will help you to figure out both the reoccuring cards and those that never appear. If you're interested in an Excel Spreadsheet that can help you with that, PM me with your email and I'll send it off. This offer goes to anyone who reads this post. A couple of people have already taken me up on it.

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