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The first thing I did with my cards was The Bodhi Eightfold Path of Enlightenment Spread.

It was the most eye opening reading I've had in a long time. One of the cards that really hit home was "Flame of Innocence." In this deck the Innocence cards correspond to the Pages. This lead me to compare her to the rest of the "courts" in that suit. I liked how you could see the natural progression from Innocence to Resolving(corresponds to the Kings). IMO, this suit displayed that pattern best.

The author says the Flame cards address our creativity, source of inspiration, the manner in which we live out our chosen spiritual paths, our response to people who challenge our position on the things we feel passionate about, & whether or not we are using our gifts in a focused manner or have a lack of commitment.

...So I focused on the Flames suits for a while and journaled about them. I feel great about my deck choice. I can't put these cards down. I'm going to let my readings dictate what cards/suits to focus on next.
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