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Originally Posted by Bloudwedd
OK, so I started it oout so well going over with the Fool first , then the Maigican etc and this deck (LS Pagan Tarot) is rally suited to do a chronological IDS with. So far so good.

But lately I have come to realise that I miss my daily card practice like a madman. I dont know what it is. I think it is because with a card of the day I can add one more dimension to the chosen card and get a deeper understanding for it. I also badly missing my tarot-blog that has been done since beginning of June but now up running again. But somehow I feel weird about starting blogging chronologically again, since I have allready begun the journe so to speak. So I am very much considering scipping the chronological stuff and go back to my daily card practice. But my deepest fear is that (and I know that it will happen sooner or later)I will draw too many duplicas or triplicas even from cards that really have a message to rub in and thus I wont be able to complete the entire deck till fall equinox.

Need advice - what do you think?

EDIT: Just realised the most clever thing would be to just rephrase my terms of completion. Instead of it ending around fall equinox I have it end when I have worked my way through all 78 cards. Will takes longer most certainly but have all the benefits as I wrote above! Duh!
Can you do both, Bloudwedd? Draw and blog about your daily card, and journal on the cards in order from Fool onwards? Personally, I'm not a fan of following a deck in order (too forced for me) but if that structure helps you, then there's no reason to eliminate it. Likewise, I agree that daily draws can help to add a more concrete meaning to the card, as well as help to understand daily events. I think the two practices would be very complementary.

\m/ Kat
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