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The Cosmic Tarot Moon is in many ways like other RWS/Marseilles Moon cards.

When I look for a meaning that comes from the unique qualities of this image it seems to me to show desire, longing. The crayfish comes up out of the deep waters and reaches for the shiny golden Moon. Around the Moon are little sparks of light, it has that shimmer that objects of desire always seem to have. Whether it is a new job or a new car or a new relationship, we invest the things we want with a special glow. The crayfish seems to be reaching and yearning for something he will never be able to attain. This particular Moon card is reminding me that often our “feelings and unconscious” adds up to what we want, what we desire.

The card reminds me of the poem "Overheard on a Salt Marsh" by Harold Monro.

But also, the Moon represent a light in the darkness. Sometimes our deepest desire, what we need and want above all else, is to believe that things will be OK when it doesn't look like they will be. Maybe the crayfish is reaching so desperately because he sees something more meaningful and bright than his existence under the water. Desire can lead to evolution.

The Moon card represents Pisces (so does the Queen of Cups in this deck so there is a connection between those cards) Pisces is a Mutable water Sign. It is a dreamy, fantasizing sign and not oriented to the physical world of here and now. It fits with this idea of longing and desire.

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