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Originally Posted by Promise
Welcome to those still jumping in and joining us!

Instead of being a "normal" person and starting with the Majors, I've decided to begin with a suit study on the Coins. It's definitely going to take me longer than I expected it would, but I'm really having fun with it! Yes, I said it. FUN! I'm learning a lot about the deck, but I'm also really nailing down what my personal reading style is, and what each card and suit really means to me. I love it.

In trying to put into words what the suit represents to me, I was struck by the fact that there are flowers or vines on every single Coin card in this deck. For some reason, that was an "Aha!" moment for me. The suit of Coins isn't just money and physical health and jobs and careers and hobbies and crafts; it's that which we are responsible for nourishing and nurturing, just like a living plant. That's probably an old concept to everyone else, but for some reason, it kinda hit me like a fully loaded truck.

Most of the other pip cards in the Jean Noblet feature the same kinds of vines and floral patterns, but the Coins are the only suit in this deck in which every single pip card features them. Maybe it's just a personal thing, but I find that very significant, and I thought I'd share with you guys.
I can hardly wait for the Traveling Jean Noblet to come now!
Your posts will give me some real insights for the time I spend with the deck.
Thanks for sharing.
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