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Okay, I finished the final card in the Cups suit today (YAY!). While there were some cards I liked in that suit (like the Mother of Crones), overall I wasn't digging this suit.

Tomorrow I start the Flames (Wands); they look a bit more interesting. Most of the cards seem to have clothed people, too...perhaps since naked skin isn't really flame-resistant?

I am struggling with this deck; I'm not as hyped about it as I was pre-IDS. To that end, I did a draw and asked the deck, "Why am I ambivalent about this deck?" No spread, just freestyle

The cards were interesting not for their suits/numbers, per se, but for the keywords on them:

(er...mods, I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting the results of my reading here).

SHADOW: 2 of Blades: Analysis (tilted at 2 o'clock)
4 of Cups--Sorrow (tilted at 10 o'clock)
5 of Pentacles--Earthquake (tilted at 2 o'clock)
7 of Cups--Jealousy (tilted at 8 o'clock)

IN this deck, tilts/reversals indicate either a blockage or a going in/coming out of a particular energy of the card. But it was the keywords that got me.

Analysis: maybe I"m overthinking things too much (as the card is beginning a downward tilt to a reversed position) know, the political basis of the deck, the overt nudity, etc.

Sorrow and Jealousy: I got that these two cards were connected, since they were cups. Maybe THE DECK is sad that I'm not really excited about it anymore, and perhaps it's jealous because I still have my NOVT to fall back on (and maybe it's jealous because I click so much with the NOVT and dont' click as much anymore about the DOM)

Earthquake: perhaps I'm ambivalent about having my foundations shaken wiht this deck...especially since a lot of the meanings seem to have little association with RWS...which means more intuitive reading and no more RWS base to fall back on.

Then I asked it, "What can I do to bring back my excitement about this deck?"

SHADOW: 4 of Cups--Sorrow

Aphrodite--The Lovers (the female/female pair, tilted at 7 o'clock)
***note: DOM has two Lovers cards: one with a naked female/female pair hugging in front of a set of large vaginal lips and clitoris (I'm not joking), and one with a female/male pair swimming underwater. I just keep both of them in the deck and pay attention to which one shows up in a reading***

The Witch [The Magician] (tilted at 9 o'clock)
Yemaya--The Moon (tilted at 10 o'clock)

Well..the 4 of Cups is trying to tell me something, it seems! This card is almost upright...maybe it's telling me that I should stop dwelling on what I don't like about the deck and focus on what I do like (the card shows a woman with 3 overturned cups in front of her and she's she doesnt' see/pay attention to the upright cup behind her, bathed in the tears of the moon). The Witch tells me that I am building up my energies to make this IDS into what I want and need it to be, while the Lovers tells me that perhaps I need to focus more on my feminine side in order to bond successfully with this deck...this is underscored by Yemaya--The Moon. (Yemaya also rules the oceans...which are affected by the lunar cycle). I'm also looking at the fact that I have THREE majors in this reading...that's significant, and they are all divisible by each other in a sense (1 to 6 to 18).

*sigh* I don't know.

I'm still doing my daily draws (mind/body/spirit) and journaling for a card per day.

Anyone else have any other suggestions to break me out of my DOM doldrums?


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