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Originally Posted by sravana
Of course, I'm following the man himself's advice, and not Umbraeing the BBC... though it's tempting, because it's so much fun!
Fun? FUN??? I'm trying to do the Tarot Nova at the moment, and it's driving me up the wall! Tiny little cards don't help - it's so hard to get a grip on them! And after the Nova, I was going to do my "old" (newer printing) copy of the Hanson Roberts, as I just got a "new" (older printing) copy of it in the mail and LOVE IT!!! I was thinking I might Umbrae it, then do the tea-dunking thing, then give it away on AT in a wee raffle thing or whatever. It's been a while since we saw one of those . . .
Originally Posted by PolarBear
Now - let's see if my newly edited sig works ...
Sure does! Thanks for doing that
Originally Posted by afrosaxon
I am struggling with this deck; I'm not as hyped about it as I was pre-IDS. . . . *sigh* I don't know.

I'm still doing my daily draws (mind/body/spirit) and journaling for a card per day.

Anyone else have any other suggestions to break me out of my DOM doldrums?
(((afrosaxon))) I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling still. I don't have any suggestions per se, but I know that there was a period of about three or four weeks in the first IDS that I struggled with, then resented, then outright HATED my deck. I just put it away for a while. I guess I "broke" a couple of my pledges, including the one about shuffling every day, but it worked for me, because I needed a break. So instead of running to another deck as I would have before, I just put it down for a while. I eventually picked it up again, and loved it! I hope it turns out the same for you, sweetie!
Originally Posted by Cat*
Today, I saw a white truck with "IDS" in huge blue letters on it, driving past our car on the highway (going into the opposite direction). Not sure if that was supposed to let me know anything specific - but I immediately thought of Faolainn Storm's story, so I thought I'd share it with you.
I'm glad you did! How cool are these stories?

I'm still going strong with the Wheel of Change. Hopefully I'll get a chance soon to do the Swords Courts, and then I might start on some more of the Tarot Tree. I'm thinking I won't deal with the Majors separately, but in the context of the Tree. So I might end up going back and editing my thoughts on the Third and Sixth Levels of the Tree in the Study Group (which is getting nice and plump now ).

I designed a spread last night to go with the Third Level. I'll post it soon, and put a link in here. There's something about the Tree that lends itself to designing great introspective spreads. So I think I'll try for a spread for every level (and combine the Fool and Magician, so it's not two One-Card spreads) and link them to the Study Group threads for that level.

\m/ Kat
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