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Originally Posted by thorhammer
Fun? FUN??? I'm trying to do the Tarot Nova at the moment, and it's driving me up the wall! Tiny little cards don't help - it's so hard to get a grip on them! And after the Nova, I was going to do my "old" (newer printing) copy of the Hanson Roberts, as I just got a "new" (older printing) copy of it in the mail and LOVE IT!!! I was thinking I might Umbrae it, then do the tea-dunking thing, then give it away on AT in a wee raffle thing or whatever. It's been a while since we saw one of those . . .
\m/ Kat
I have an older copy of the H-R, and yes, it's a much better deck! Good luck softening yours up...

FWIW, I cannot IMAGINE trying to Umbrae the Tarot Nova. Perhaps if you used some pliers to get a better grip on those little cards? J/K! The Ukiyoe is pretty small, too, but I'm managing with it.

The Druid Animal and Plant Oracles have huge cards, so getting a grip on them is no problem - shuffling them is. I'm going to cut them down to their borders (I practiced on one of the extra cards, and I really like the look with the rounded corners - my rounder doesn't chop off too much of the border), but then I noticed that the DPO's images are actually a hair longer than the DAO's. Oh BOTHER. That's going to be fun to even out.

I'm also considering chopping away at the BBC - those cards are also too large to be comfortable for me (I have v. small hands). That being said, the images on those cards are so busy that perhaps the borders are necessary! (I have the 2nd edition, thank heavens)

Keep us posted on your tarot nova quest..
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