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My IDS Pledge

I thought it was time to get something in the thread that resembled a pledge.

My interesting thing is that I am committed to being intuitive in the use of the cards. I have been a slave to tarot books for years. When I read I do not use them but I know so many systems by memory. Recently I have been feeling strangled by all the conflicting thoughts of correspondences and keywords to the point where I feel I get lost in a reading.

Here is what I pledge:
I will only use the Revelations Tarot until the end of August,
possibly longer

I will not purchase any decks that I do not have on preorder. (I am pretty sure the Dark Grimore will be my Fall IDS once it comes arrives. All bets are off when it gets here in early Sept.)

I will not use any books for personal study. I will use my journal, any past journals and only my journals.

I will make the only exception is in preparation for the class I am helping to teach in July. The topic I am covering is pretty specific and I will use what I need to do a excellent job and that may mean other decks and books. This will not be for personal readings or the readings I do for clients.

I will do a weekly spread for each day, and then attempt to act in a manner specific to the card of the day.

I will do any exercises which do not conflict with any previous pledge that I feel will empower my journey to be a more intuitive reader.

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