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I never wrote a contract for what to include and exclude in my IDS and today, boy am I glad I did not! Because I have had the most amazing empowering experiences I have ever had through one of my other decks!!!!

Via pure instinct and inspiration I suggested we go to MSN and I could do an instant reading LIVE for her. Said and done, we did this and since I do not hav all my Pagan Tarot cards scanned yet we choose Gilded Tarot. At first she reacted very badly to the hanged man and I could not really figure out why. At the 3rd card we talked about it really clicked. She started to open up and explore things about herself and I only needed to genly guide her! Wow! What an experience! I really feel like Superwoman today! I have never thought of doing tarot this way but only the diniatroy way. But from now on this will be something I will look deeper into! If I would have stayed with my IDS deck I would never had experienced this so I am glad that I did cheat!

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