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Promise, thatís great! I am loving hearing all your stories about working with a TdM deck, as I want to work with mine one of these days . . . thatís if I ever ďfinishĒ my current IDS!!!

I havenít had time to scratch my backside the last couple of days, so I really hope that over the weekend I get some time to sit with the last court cards of my deck (the Swords, and Iím really looking forward to them), and possibly get my teeth into the fourth level of the Tarot Tree.

I havenít posted my Level Three spread yet, have I??? Iím so flustered Ė work has been ridiculously hectic, what with the financial year ending and all. Hopefully Iíll be able to breathe again afterwards. Anyway, Iíll post my new spread (very happy with it, I tried it out and it was AWESOME!!!) as soon as I can get my journal, a computer and some time, in the same room !

\m/ Kat
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