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I added you to the list, furiana. Your project sounds quite interesting. May I ask why you pledged not to read for yourself?


I also started a blog for my IDS a few days ago. So far it doesn't contain much besides a cell phone picture of each daily draw, without commentary (so far, I've simply been too lazy to type up my chaotic scribbles from my notebook/journal/whateveryouwannacallit). I still put the link into my profile, so if anyone wants to look at the pictures (and catch a glimpse of my reading spaces), you're welcome to visit.


The last two days, I've been thinking about numbers, trying to get a basic feel for each of them (1-10). After some brainstorming and scribbling down random notes, I tried to find the common element of all the Aces, all 2s, all 3s, etc. in the RWS system (on which the Housewives seems mostly based). Some were really easy, some I still struggle with. I plan to actually look at the images of each number next to each other as my notes were taken mostly on a bus, so there hasn't been room to lay out any cards (the LWB has little images, however, so I used these as a reminder). I also haven't thought about minors and majors together, yet, but that'll be one of my next steps.

I plan to look at the courts in a bit more depth, too. I keep getting two of the queens in my readings and really would like to understand who they are in contrast/relation to the other courts.
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