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I'm so glad to see how everyone is progressing with their decks! It looks like all is going well. Are there any who are having trouble? Come out come out wherever you are. We'll get you back on track.

Afrosaxon you continue to inspire me.

furiana(love yer name) I keep seeing your Druidcraft studygroup posts and it's all I can do to keep my eyes away from there and fight the urge to get my deck. I love the Druidcraft- it's my all time fave(Hmm I may have to do an IDS with it some day)

As for me, I'm working happily with my Buckland Romani. Have not even picked up the Bohemian Gothic and it's possible that I just wont(though I did buy a journal for it). I think just knowing I gave myself permission to use it makes me feel better.

Good luck everyone!
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