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Alamaris ~ I hope you are going okay. I worry that the Thoth is getting you down . . . don't let that happen! If it's not good for you where you're at in your own head right now, then you shouldn't use it! But if it's helping you, then go hard, sister

furiana ~ Yeah, the Inner Child cards a Tarot deck. I had them for a while, but the sheer size of the cards turned me off it, plus it was very heavily laminated and I found them impossible to shuffle. But the colours are enchanting, and I really do want a fairytale deck one day!

Llynn ~ so glad that the Tree helps you to think about the majors in your deck! You seem to have gotten a good handle on the way you want to organise them yourself, and how that makes sense to you, and that is, indeed, food for thought.

\m/ Kat
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