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Ok so 2 accomplishments I have to report.

I finished doing all the majors in the Buckland Romani study group. I didn't study them extensively but I did look at them all and add to the existing threads or start new ones.

Also, I did 3 readings in the reading exchange forum.

These two things combined are more than I've actively done with one deck before, so this is progress for me. After so much introspection with Tarot of the Crone, it feels good to be moving outside of myself and my comfort zone.

I have face to face readings scheduled with my aunt and cousin next week. Not strangers by any means, but I know very little about things that are occuring in their lives atm. The following week I am supposed to be spending a weekend at my friend's so I can get additional practice there.

I think I'm finally on the way to becoming a "Real" reader! I should probably wait for the feedback though before I say that, huh? haha.

Keep on IDS'n everyone.
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