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I just posted my thoughts on the BBC 7/Pents here:

I credit Faolainn Storm for the original exhaustive list of things to consider when studying a card. I've modified her list for my own needs. I'm also not completing all the items right now, so I can re-visit the cards again.


Initial Impressions:
Card description, symbols and objects:
Symbols on this card suggest:
Emotions, feelings, and attitudes of the figures, and the mood and atmosphere of the environment:
Mental – thoughts and concepts:
Spirit – drive, enthusiasm, will power, creativity:
Emotional – emotions and feelings:
Physical – material/financial well being, health:
Soul – soul's journey, spiritual quest:
Business – work or career:
Beneficial – Strengths and resources:
Problematic – Problems or challenges to be overcome:
Passing Influence
The Situation
Hidden influence - what cannot be changed:
Advice; suggestion:
Foundation of the question, basis for asking:
Gift of the Universe - unlooked-for help:
The number, suit/element/mode is about:
Synthesizing number + suit + element + mode yields:
This card reminds me of the following:
Metaphors in this image include:
“Once upon a time…”
Dialoguing with the figure/objects on this card, I learn:
Imagining myself in this card, I learn:
Myths and archetypes related to this card include:
These suggest:
Embodying this card I learn:
Other thoughts I have about this card:

- original form from Faolainn Storm on ATF
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