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Originally Posted by Alamaris
Trundling along with the Thoth. I'd call this first week or so a neutral one, because while I didn't have the urge to buy any new decks or switch to one I already had, I didn't do much reading and I didn't do ANY studying. And this is a deck that not only requires demands it. I'm finding myself looking forward to October, when I plan to use the Halloween tarot for a month or two.

I've tentatively rethought my deck choice, but shoved those thoughts aside -- for better or for worse, I'm sticking it out with the Thoth. I'm having a horrible phase in my life at the moment for brain-fog and depression, but I'm keeping my worries at bay until late July, when I finally get to see the psychiatrist I've been referred to. I thought I'd never want to get back into that routine, after being shuttled from mental health facility to mental health facility for most of my adolescent years, but I'm actually looking forward to it. If she's open to things like that, I may suggest somehow working with the tarot therapeutically. Hey, its worth a shot!

If I don't manage to get any readings done for friends over the weekend or on Monday night, I think I'll offer up some readings for exchange or feedback in that subforum. I'm quite tired and out of it, but I feel like I could use the practice, and keeping my mind occupied would probably be a good thing.
Good luck, Alamaris - I think it can be a very good thing to check in with an MD from time to time, especially when folks have mental health issues.

Last time I was gung-ho to study the Ironwing, but it was not a good match for me, mental health-wise. It was way too intense, and I ended up ditching the whole IDS because of it.

You sound like you're quite mentally aware, and I'd just second Kat - if you find that the Thoth is getting you down, don't feel obligated to stick with it. Another deck might be more appropriate for you at this time. I'm using the Baroque Boho Cats, and it's just the thing for summer. I'm hoping to study Ironwing eventually, but for now it's kitties all the way (and I'm a dog person)!

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