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I had a surge of inspiration and got the Five thru Eight of Coins done. I thought I'd be able to get the last two pips done, but my mom and I started talking about stuff, and I decided to just let them sit until tomorrow.

Yep, sravana, I'm from Texas, too! Waaaaay out West, where the closest landmarks are a cactus shaped like a sheep (not kidding!) and a herd of cows. But it's nice, sometimes. Hot, but nice.

punchinella--There are no "rules" here. Some are following a "form" for each individual card, but really, there's no hard and fast rule, other than that we each commit to one primary deck. Some choose to work with other oracles or another deck for comparative purposes, others don't.

I'm not using any set form for each card; I simply write whatever comes, in whatever form it comes in. If you're interested in joining us, it's not too late to jump in! We welcome all who want to tag along for the ride

Have a happy Monday, everyone!


ETA: The link works for me, but AT always loads really slow about this time every night for me. After the page decides to load, it does fine.
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