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Originally Posted by punchinella
Ummn, er, here I am come busting into this party to ask . . .

What is the "form" that everyone is working so hard to complete for each card? I'm somewhat interested in (very belatedly) doing IDS but having trouble with the link at the top of this thread (that is, the link back to the original thread) . . . it doesn't want to work for me, so I'm basically lost. I mean, I do know that the idea is to work closely with one particular deck for a length of time, and really get to know it, but how exactly are you structuring this work?

Thanks for any guidance you can give me

*punchinella bumbles out again, grumbling & scratching her ears*
Hi punchinella!

You are right in that the idea of an IDS is to work closely with one deck for a particular length of time. to work with said deck is completely up to the individual.

From what I gather, most of us do daily draws (1-3 cards) just to get ourselves used to reading with the deck in general (and also to see how the deck "speaks" to us...different decks speak in different ways). Then, we focus on one card a day: colors, imagery, numerology, deck meaning vs. "traditional" [RWS] meaning (if it's a RWS-based deck), or deck meaning and how it does NOT fit with traditional RWS meaning (if it's not an RWS-based deck).

Some people start with the majors in their deck. Some start with the minors. Some start at The Fool and go on through The World cards, some start at the Ace of whatever suit and go on through that suit. Some just shuffle, pick a card, and go from there.

***When I did mine with the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, I started with the minors (the Petro [Wands] suit), and I worked backwards in each suit: 10 to Ace, then Hounsis [Page] to Houngan [King]. When I finished the minors, I started with the Carnival [World] card and went backwards to World Egg [The Fool]. This time around, with the Daughters of the Moon, I started with the Ace of Cups and worked through that suit, and now I'm in the Flames [Wands] suit (I'm up to the 6 of Flames).***

Some people write stories about their cards. Some people just take notes on what they see/sense. Some people write pages on one card. Some write a few sentences.

Some people handwrite their IDS notes in a journal. Some type them in a Word document. Some blog their IDS.

There are times when I've missed working on a card for a particular day (or a few days) and end up doing a bunch of them in one day. Sometimes I miss my daily 3-card draw. It happens, and life happens. Some days I can write an entire journal page on one card. Some days, I only get a few sentences down.

Some people put all of their other decks away to avoid temptation, so they can focus on their IDS deck. Some still use other tarot decks sometimes during their IDS. Some just read with oracle decks in addition to their IDS.

Some people stick with their originally chosen IDS deck. Some end up switching decks (more than once, too!). Some people end their IDS early, whether due to completion of the deck or unable to sustain the study. Some people are still working with the same deck from the previous IDS.

The point of all this: IT'S UP TO YOU HOW YOU STUDY YOUR DECK. There are no hard-and-fast rules. In the first IDS, since it was being revived in a sense, a lot of us made strict pledges for study (we did it for 3 months, stayed away from other tarot decks for reading purposes, handled the deck every day, etc.). In this, the second round, those of us who completed the first round have relaxed our personal rules now that we know our boundaries with regard to IDS (for me, I didn't put a timeline on my IDS this time around). Those new to IDS are making their own pledges.

I hope this helps. If you want to join, feel free (it's not too late!). Don't feel pressured to excel within the group; we all learn at different paces, and some decks are more difficult than others. The main point is to learn to understand (and hopefully enjoy) your IDS deck.

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