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Hey everybody--thanks so much for all the help & welcome!!! I guess I am going to join you

Furiana, the link does work tonight. That thread is hundreds of pages long, aarugh! I went looking for the "form" but perhaps gave up too quickly . . . but that's okay--despite being, like Sravana, a virgo (twice over) I think I have an idea now of what to do & don't actually need a form Afrosaxon, thanks for your extensive explanation of what IDS is. Too bad there isn't a way to bookmark that for people who come along as out-of-the-loop as me--wait, was this someone else's idea?

Originally Posted by thorhammer
What deck are you thinking of using with us? (We live vicariously through each other, vampires sucking the juices of other decks through each other's posts )
You know, I'm actually thinking of a pretty strange (for me) choice: Morgan Greer. I pulled it out of the closet a couple of days ago, and just happened to do a written meditation with one of the cards, and enjoyed doing so so much that I went looking for a study group (didn't find one) . . . and then bethought me of IDS, of which, as you know, I had but the slimmest inkling. The choice of Morgan Greer is odd for me, because I've always tended to eschew RWS-based decks, I guess because early in my tarot life I was "sold" on Marseille as being more--well, original . . . and, I'm still non-plussed by the Justice/Strength swap. But what the heck . . . the deck is just calling out to me. Screaming, actually. Oh, the colors!

The toughest part of this for me will probably be giving up my daily Shining Tribe draw, which I simply love to do each night before bed. But, much as I love pulling individual cards out of this deck, the deck as a whole isn't calling out right now to be studied. Although, in spite of IDS plans, I think I'll leave it listed as my favorite deck here at AT because there is just so much to it.

Since a spontaneous written meditation was what pulled me in to work with this deck, I guess I'll do the same with each of the cards--and/or perhaps start a study group.

Oh, I'm so excited! !!! Oh oh, my knees & whiskers (is that how it goes??)

Punchinella (scurrying off to check out the daily draw thread, & get started-- yaaaayyy!!!)

(Could it be--no--that Punchinella is actually going to make peace with RWS at last? Shhhh . . . )

Edited to add: Alamaris, the Circle of Life deck is just absolutely beautiful, I wasn't familiar with it before but went looking because you chose it--lovely, and exciting! I guess this means we are starting together
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