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The Blue In The Corner

Wow RS,

Yet another fantastic description, the blue in the corner are 2 treasure chests.

And just to add a little onto what you said, according to the little green book:

The Tiger Lilies represent wealth, pride of accomplishment &

The Peony represents money.

and her definition of the Runes vary just a little:

Fehu: Possessions and nourishment

Perth: Questing, inititation, the powers of nature and spirit at work, secret forces.

So this falls in line with what you said

Originally Posted by Rede Seeker
Our Page seems content with his/her lessons. He/she is disciplined (working indoors while the sun and sky indicate a beautiful day outside). His chair is not a particularly comfortable one, but it makes getting up and moving on easier. That's what our Page wants - to perfect his craft and move to the next step. The warning is to not rush that process.
I think the presence of the tiger lillies here represents how the Pages "tutor/father" feels about his wealth, I think it may be his fathers' room, as he wears a purple cloak, which is the colour of royalty. Maybe this is a journey that he's willing to make because he knows that at the end of it all, it will eventually all be his, so he's seeking his own interest.... Any thoughts?
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