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Originally Posted by mystic mal

Your involvement in a group seems to have been based on self interest.This in itself is not negative but dont expect to gain full satisfaction here.You would derive a lot of benefit from reviewing your position as well as the meaning of your commitment.
The image of this number is a beehive.
The spirit of cooperation becomes law in the lives of the bees as well as in our society as a whole.Each member engages in a specific activity upon which the others depend.Give of yourself and recognise individual talents.
Thank you sweetie, so sorry I took so long!

lol funny thing is I do these yearly readings and it seems to be combined here with this 5 swords I had gotten and asked help upon. No doubt!... because I am not usually a person that just does things without considering others feelings, but when it comes to a certain issue in my life of being trapped, that's all I can do is to think of myself anymore so I can get out. I get it, I just hope I didn't confuse you.

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