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Originally Posted by Onyx
The warrior woman stands in the full moon light with her spear in her hand. This beautiful card just exudes the strength of a woman to me. She is set and determined. Still raising her leg she is ready to spring into action as well.

The most obvious element of this card for me was the fact that both her breasts were on her left side. At first I thought of a Picasso perspective issue but the more I look at it I think that there is something else. I look at this card and I hear a whisper of a memory about how Amazons or some other female warriors would cut off one of their breasts to wear their armor better or to improve their aim with weapons. (Anyone know what I am thinking about here?) It even appears as if she is adorned with tribal tattoos.

This Queen of Wands is earthy and the garments of leaves and leather let us know this. I am look in to those eyes and just know she is a fit bride for a warrior king. She is not a pampered queen but a queen who can rule and take action. She finds no pleasure in the soft and the pretty. She cares only for the strong and the useful. Her crown is of horns and leafy camouflage not of silk, gold and jewels. She is both an asset and force in her kingdom.

While other Queens my nurture the young, she trains them. She stokes the passions and the strengths of the young warriors and accepts no excuses. As another queen as said she sends her men to battle with one admonishment, “Come back with your shield or on it.”
I remember reading some where that they have excavated burial sites that appear to be warrior women in Eurasia and some believe they may have cut off their right breast so it would not impede their use of a bow and arrow. In that same area from an earlier era they excavated burial sites of female priests that were mummified that had visible tattoos.

The DM Queen of Wands certainly looks like she can take care of herself!! I also think it is interesting that she is the only Wand to have a spearhead on her wand.

I've been studying RWS for so long that I'm having something of a hard time relating Wands to earth elements...I've always seen Pentacles in that light.
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