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Hey, I missed this thread.

To further confuse you: I tend to see 6 drops, 3 clear ones and 3 vague ones.....

But I tend to think of the clear ones as pain in the present, the tears you are shedding now, and the 3 vague ones as the same 3 tears, only in the past.
In other words: you've been sad for a while.

The big pool of water would, to me, be the '2 cups standing'. Not sure I can put this into words..... Sort of a sense of a bigger picture, our sadness being part of something that is bigger, what we thought were tears were actually just part of the sea, that has all kinds of life in it.

I'm not making much sense, I'm afraid.

The water turns golden towards the edge of the card, so instead of an pool of tears, it turns out to be this rich, golden ocean....

Here's comparing cucumbers to cornflakes: in some ways, I tend to see this deck as doing the same thing the Fey does. Instead of representing the exact number of suit items, it conveys the meaning by using the suit in a more abstract way.

Mmm, I think I'll shut up now... the heat must have melted my brain.
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