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Originally Posted by bumble bee
This Queens right side of her face is prominant while the left side is
dark and shrunken. The right eye is full of energy while the left is barely open. The right brain controls intuition. The right brain controls the left side of the body. If a person has a stroke on the left side of the brain the right side is affected. This queen has an active right brain which has caused excessive grown on the left side of her body. You cant even see her right leg! Is it there? Probably she seems to be leaning on it under her skirt.
Also the tip of her spear is powered by the light of the moon. Her hair looks like little feelers reaching out in the atmosphere to let her know whats out there. Is the disc she is standing on a reflection of the full moon?
She is totally about intuition and instinct. Not much logic here.
The way she is standing with her left hip to the side and left leg stuck out
shows she is aware of her sexual energy. Her mate would be fortunate
to recieve her passion but I would be cautious around that sharp wand.
I see similar insights in this card.....


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