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Originally Posted by Phoenix Rising
HI Lexi,

I've been reading your blogs. When you put some of the poems together, is it a intuitive process that you go through when you write them? I'm just amazed at how you can come up with phrases with sometimes hundreds of words to choose from.
I rarely consult a list. I have been doing them so long they just kind of write themselves. Actually at times there can be thousands of words depending on the name or phrase! The right words just stand out even when looking at a list, and the not relevant words kind of disappear. If I need a word but it is not there I try to find synonyms to replace it.
Try your hand at the ABC Challenge! Its alot harder than it looks!
I took all the words that could be related to health including food from the words contained in my name, could these words be clues to our own health, whether good or not so good? for eg I have alot of words that relate to the female area, although I don't have any major health problems yet. I'm glad I don't have the word "Cancer" in my name.
They could be clues and depending on how you interpret their meanings such can go either way. For example:
Negative words found when Lexigramming....
And here for how using abbreviations can give a false reading...

I also did the same process with career or work related words. Quite interesting really.
My name has WRITER! I hope to get published soon and have already done editing and proof reading for a few published books.

I also noticed you aren't doing reports at the moment, will you be doing them again in the future?
They will be offered in the future. We are revamping things and offering much more!
I will let you know! Also we beta test certain things for free! Are you interested in participating?
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