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Originally Posted by easternsunrise
I have been feeling bad lately because I'm not sure if I've been doing this IDS thing well. I have been doing 3 card daily spreads/journaling daily, and haven't used any other decks but I feel I have so much more to learn about this deck. I kinda wish I had picked a deck that more people have participated in a study group with. I thought about studying one suit/card at a time but with some unexpected issues in my life (storm damage to my home) I feel a bit disconnected with life in general right now. I promised to study this deck until the 31st-which I will do, but am not sure if I should continue to study this one for another month or so-or start another IDS using a different deck that others have given more input to in the study groups. I'm getting accurate readings with this one but at this rate it will be forever until I randomly draw all of the cards in a spread. Any advice?
Hi easternsunrise,

There is no right or wrong way to IDS; everyone does theirs a bit differently. It just matters what works for YOU. If you want to study beyond the 31st with the same deck, then do it (it worked for rwcarter [Ancient Egyptian Tarot], thorhammer [Wheel of Change Tarot] and Emily[Liber-T Tarot]). If you want to switch to another deck after the 31st, then do it.

As for the study group thing...the good thing about starting one from scratch is that you don't have to feel like you have to follow the party line, or what have you, in previous can set the standard for the group. This can hold true even for already established groups...when I updated the NOVT group with my IDS notes, it had been on hiatus for over a year and one of the main contributors is no longer on AT.

Just post your notes and keep it it, and they will come.

As for going through the deck: well, why not go through the deck? When I IDS'd, I did a 3-card mind/body/spirit draw each day, in addition to studying one particular card on that day. I usually chose the suit I wanted to start with, then went through each card in that suit...when I finished all the suits, I went on to the majors until I completed the entire deck.

Good luck, and keep plugging along!

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