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Well, I'm still around. And still working, slowly but surely on my IDS with the Tarot of Dreams.

I've recently hit a bit of a wall with my study, so I broke the IDS rules and consulted my Frouds Faeries. They suggested I've lost my passion for the cards. Which is true. So I asked the Tarot of Dreams what to do about this (I'd already asked the faeries and all they kept saying was "find your passion". I already knew I needed to find my passion, but how, well, no help there. Typical faeries ).
Anyway my cards came back 8 swords and 2 wands - trapped in an intellectual cage of my own making, and unable to choose between mind and passion! So for all i haven't really been using or study this deck, it really seems to know me. Over-intellectualising things has been a bad habit of mine my entire life.

So I really have to reconsider how I'm going about this study. What I'm doing is clearly not working, so it's time to re-evaluate.

Any suggestions?

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