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Originally Posted by Faolainn Storm
Well, I'm still around. And still working, slowly but surely on my IDS with the Tarot of Dreams.

I've recently hit a bit of a wall with my study, so I broke the IDS rules and consulted my Frouds Faeries. They suggested I've lost my passion for the cards. Which is true. So I asked the Tarot of Dreams what to do about this (I'd already asked the faeries and all they kept saying was "find your passion". I already knew I needed to find my passion, but how, well, no help there. Typical faeries ).
Anyway my cards came back 8 swords and 2 wands - trapped in an intellectual cage of my own making, and unable to choose between mind and passion! So for all i haven't really been using or study this deck, it really seems to know me. Over-intellectualising things has been a bad habit of mine my entire life.

So I really have to reconsider how I'm going about this study. What I'm doing is clearly not working, so it's time to re-evaluate.

Any suggestions?

Well, maybe it's a matter of changing the way you're thinking about the deck, about each card, and about Tarot in general. Try to think of it as play, as a way for you to stop being all serious and intellectual and psychological, and just play with the pretty pictures . I sometimes play Solitaire with mine. Sort the deck into totally arbitrary, nonsensical piles like, "Green stones", "full body image", or other entirely strange categories, just to shake yourself out of the "normal" way of thinking.

Do silly readings. Tell stories. Remember that the Faeries, too, love a bit of silliness so they'll be in on it as well. Dance, pose like the characters in the cards, dress up like one?

A few ideas. Good luck, sweetie!

\m/ Kat
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