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- Aloe vera is awesome stuff. Really great for putting on cuts and pimples. I find straight from the plant is better than any bottled stuff.
- Garlic oil capsules for a healthy immune system/cold and flu fighter
- Baking (bicarb) soda as a substitute for shampoo. I haven't done this for a while because I got lazy, but I went through a phase where I concluded that the chemicals in hair products/dyes were bad. It cleans the hair really well. Just mix a couple of tablespoons with water into a paste and apply to the scalp, massage in and rinse out. You really have to work it in and it takes time, but essentially all you need to wash is the hair closest to the scalp (unless you have product in the length of your hair that needs washing out). Thoroughly massaging the scalp will encourage hair growth too.
- Olive oil (a small amount, only a drop or two) on the ends of the hair if it's dry
- Best home remedy for clearing up pimples - try not to touch your face, or pick at them. I find this hard to do and still get the odd one that I pick at, but I'm trying not to. Just try and keep the face clean (the acne washes don't do anything for me, I find a plain sorbolene body/face wash or dove soap is best), and wear make up as little as possible or not at all.
- I once completely got rid of a large wart on my finger by putting raw garlic on it for a period of about 3-4 weeks. What I did was I crushed up a clove and put some of it on the wart and covered it with a bandaid, and repeated on a daily basis. The garlic is like acid (be careful to only use a tiny bit because it can burn the skin) and will eat away at the wart if you keep it covered and dry. It took a while and looked awful, but what it did was the wart became a pussy scab (which hurt too) but then started to dry up, flake off and heal over. It was a fairly large wart as warts go and didn't leave any scar.
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