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A mix of lemon juice and and a little dish soap is a good cleaner for rust and scum .

Oregano , olive leaf , and odorless garlic capsules are natural germ killers . I take them every day and haven't had a cold in years , or any bladder infections .

If you get a bladder infection drink an alka seltzer tablet dissolved in cranberry juice at the first sign , which is supposed to start getting rid of it immediately . (try at your own risk , no guarantees, worked for me )

Sweeping inexpensive boric acid powder under the baseboards and into cracks will act as a bug killing barrier . You can also use it to make your own ant bait killer . Supposed to be non toxic to adult humans , but I don't know about any pet effects it might have . It will also kill vegetation if you mix it with water and pour it on . Plus , it prevents wood rot .

Taking liquid calcium capsules daily really helped cut way down on my migraine headaches .

Taking vitamin B6 , folic acid , and a magnesium tablet every day elliminated my problems with premenstrual water retention and breast soreness.

You can make your own inexpensive moisturizer with a mix of vegetable shortening from the grocery store plus pure glycerin . No irritating extra additives that you will usually find in commercial creams . You can also scent it to suit yourself with fragrance oils if you want . Olive oil is also a good moisturizer that isn't full of chemicals , and it's anti-fungal too .

If you add about 1/3 water to your shampoo , it will usually be easier to work into a lather and you'll probably waste less of it in the long run .

A mix of D-con (mouse poison pellets) and peanut butter will do a great job of killing rodents . But using the Mice Cube is probably better because you have a choice of whether or not to poison them or release them , and it ensures they won't be dying in your walls . It's not a bad idea to keep one baited in an inconspicuous place just in case something ever gets in .
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