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If you were a professional reader and I asked you.......

I'm considering going to check out a "professional" reader down the road from my job. Being that I have experienced two negative readings from con artist in the past I've complied a list of questions that I expect answered before I make an appointment with this person.

How did you come into this profession?

Why do you read for other people?

Do you believe that you can solve other peoples problems via "spell work"?

What type of deck will you use and or will I have the option to choose my own deck?

Are you comfortable with the fact that I do read for myself and I am aware of the "book meaning" behind each card?

How do you think that the tarot works?

Do you use reversals?

Do you allow any particular religious beliefs to influence your readings?

Do you believe that the cards themselves hold any kind of "power"?

Have you studied psychology (Such as Jung) and do you apply that to your interpretations of the cards?

Do you believe yourself to be psychic? If so, explain to me how that will come into play during my reading.

Are you comfortable with my active participation during the reading?

Are you put on the defensive by sitters who have a prior understanding of the tarot?

What type of spread will you be using for my reading if any are used at all and why?

Do I sound like the Spanish Inquisition here? I'm just a tad bit over the bullshit and I'd like the reader to know that I'm SERIOUS about her claims to be serious. Think I'll offend?
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