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I love it when prospective querents ask thoughtful questions--it makes me feel that they respect the process and understand what is involved in giving a good reading. I wouldn't be offended by any of the questions you list. However, if I were asked this one:
Originally Posted by LabyrinthOfDreams
Are you comfortable with my active participation during the reading?
I would have to ask you, in turn, what constitutes "active participation." If it includes comments, requests for clarification of what I have said, and additional questions, fine, no problem. If it consists of the querent giving their own differing interpretation of a card, I would ask that this type of comment be held until the end of the reading, so as to maintain the flow of the reading I am doing.

And I would suggest a rewording of this one:
Originally Posted by LabyrinthOfDreams
Are you put on the defensive by sitters who have a prior understanding of the tarot?
Only because I think it can sometimes put a person on the defensive, who wasn't there to begin with, to be asked if they are put on the defensive about something, if you see what I mean. I might change it to read, "Does it bother you to read for..." I dont know why, but that sounds better to my ear. (Although I have to say that, at least in my area, most readers with more than just a couple months' experience have read for a lot of people who know the Tarot, from newbies to fellow pros.)

All in all, I think that if you receive a defensive attitude to your questions (or, heaven forbid, an arrogant attitude of, "How dare you question me?") you will know that you haven't found a good reader. The real deals are generally very open to questions of all sorts.
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