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Awesome to hear the good news Shamoness!

Welcome back Afrosaxon! (from a newcomer lol)

Cat, your doing an amazing job.. I honestly don't know how you keep track of it all!

Kat, that sounds really neat! I've only ever glanced at the Tarot tree, just enough to right down, lay out my cards and have a quick look at it. Interesting idea for an IDS!!

I'm up to Le Soleil (the Sun) now. I'm rather enjoying the one on one studies. I'm getting some very unusual perceptions from this deck. I can already tell it's going to read completely different from my Camoin!

I'm doing daily draws, but really not getting anything unusual from it.. thinking of trying to find new and better ways to do the daily. Right now I just focus on what my focus is today and I don't think it's working to well.. Daily's are definitely my weak spot, so I need to tweak that a bit...

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