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Originally Posted by Hooked on TdM
Kat, that sounds really neat! I've only ever glanced at the Tarot tree, just enough to right down, lay out my cards and have a quick look at it. Interesting idea for an IDS!!
I didn't intend to base my IDS around it, and indeed, it's not based around it as I naturally focus more on the Minors. It came about when I was journalling the Sixes. For some reason, I thought to re-read the section in the companion book on the Sixth Level, because the Sixes at that time were really talking to me. (I still think they, and my discussion of the Sixth Level, are the best work I've done in the study group ).

I got so into it that I found it was a great way to explore the Majors as well. I've never been one to follow through a deck numerically, partly because the Fool's Journey is just so much dross to me and partly because forcing myself to deal with a card that's just not working for me is a great way to turn me away. So I've paced myself, and eased off the whole routine thing. It's the reason that I'm taking so long, but I'm cool with that.

I said way back when that the Tarot Tree would work with most decks, but I've come to the conclusion that to force it upon another deck would require considerable . . . license, shall we say? The Chariot, Strength, Judgement, The Hanged Man and The Devil, especially, would be problematic. That having been said, I'd love to hear about someone else's adventures with it, using another deck in that framework.

\m/ Kat
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