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If you have not already considered this it would be best to do your research separately. Then once you are comfortable with someone set up an appointment for a reading so the meeting is with a fresh state of mind. These are questions indicative of someone that could be unreceptive and difficult to read. Unless you approach this casually, this level of scrutiny just doesn't set the stage for a decent reading.

Usually people list their specialty or provide a brief breakdown of what they utilize if it is something more than just tarot. I have found that people listing psychic abilities with their tarot reading are better. I do not care about numerology and astrology because that can be figured out by anyone. Psychic ability and tarot support each other. You can also book the least amount of time and test the waters. Then if you think they have more to offer you can go back for another appointment. Tarot readers don't typically charge that much. 15 minutes is worth the education even when you get ripped off. I think there are more people doing readings that really should not be because they are not very good at it than there are con artists doing readings. Either that or I am good at avoiding con artists because I somehow do not select them, consciously or not. I've had two readers pitch the extended prayer session for an additional $500 however both of these people had already given me very good psychic readings with valid and verifiable information. They were just digging for bonus money.
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