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Originally Posted by M-Tarot-M
I do not care about numerology and astrology because that can be figured out by anyone.
Then I must be very silly, because I studied astrology for over 10 years before I went pro with it. You cannot grasp the fine points of natal interpretation by looking it up in a book - the chart has to be blended and weighted - and explained in plain language to the client - and that takes both skill and time. A real astrologer will give you a far better reading than a computer will. And that's just natal. Then there's progressions, transits, returns, locational astrology, synastry, composite charts, Gaquelin sectors, midpoints, horary and medical astrology, and many others, not to mention all the different astrological systems - it takes years of work to become competent, and competent means knowing at least half-a-dozen fields of astrology well enough to practise them professionally.

Numerology gets pretty trippy, too, and there are any number of different systems and influences at play there, as well.

It's kind of like saying anyone can read tarot, or anyone can do magic. There are lots of bad tarot readers and abysmal magicians out there who've never studied or honed their craft, but do you really encourage them to hang out a shingle because 'anyone can do it'?

If 'anyone' could be a competent metaphysical practitioner of any stripe, then there would be no need to ever consult one. Yet - people do it all the time - for whatever reason.

All forms of divination/magic are part art and part hard work, skill, and knowledge. Not everybody has the gift for it, or the inclination to pursue it even if they do have a gift for it.
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