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thorhammer & Hooked: You know, keeping the list up-to-date gives me a perfect excuse to at least read every post in here, even if I often don't get to reply.

Originally Posted by thorhammer
It's a truly special (speshul?? ) feeling
*lol*, Kat!


I also wanted to report that Scion's wise words about learning obviously were a desperately needed kick in the *ss for me. Yesterday, I did nine (count 'em!) comparisons of same-number Minors with each other and the respective Major, trying to see their common theme. Woohoo!

Some of them didn't make much sense to me as a group, especially in relation to the Major (e.g. the Nines/Hermit, Sixes/Lovers),. Some left me puzzled as to why the creators picked that particular illustration of all possible ones (e.g. Five of Swords, Six of Cups, Nine of Swords, Two of Swords). Particularly when the illustration only made sense to me after reading the LWB ("Oh, that's what they were getting at! Never would've guessed it from the picture..."). Some others were really interesting and I even learned exciting new things about some cards that I never really understood before (e.g. the Fives/Hierophant, Fours/Emperor, Aces/Magician, Twos/High Priestess). Still, for a deck that seemed to be created as a design project above all else, I'm surprised at how well the creators got certain concepts and/or what interesting ways of illustrating them they came up with.

I've also realized that the constant and unambiguous casting of the Swords as conflict/trouble/negative is really getting on my nerves by now (it's even worse than in the RWS). Using a non-scenic pip deck suddenly sounds very exciting at those moments (yes, I'll get there, eventually). Besides that, I find the elements in the Housewives a bit "muddy" at times; particularly the distinction of Wands and Pentacles isn't entirely clear to me (both of them seem to be focused on work very much). Maybe that'll become clearer when I look at the Minors in progression from Ace to Ten, sorted by element, to see if there's a story there. I hope to get the Courts done this weekend, too. I plan to group them first by "rank" (all Queens together etc.) and then have another look at them by element/"family."

Trying to get as much done at once as possible seems to be a good strategy for me right now. I'm sure that each card could be studied way more intensely, but I've done a lot of that during my readings anyway, and am now interested in finding larger patterns (or the lack thereof). And I can always go back to the remaining (and new) question marks later, right?

By the way, I like reading everyone's reports about their IDSs, even if I don't reply much to them. So please keep them coming!
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