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The Queen of Wands stands in the moonlight, almost posing, like "Notice me!" She has four arms and both of her breasts are on the left side of her body, one stacked atop the other. The left side of her face is blue adn shows a partially closed eye while the right side of her face is white adn shows a wide-open eye. Her crown of standing leaves matches her skirt, which is drawn aside to leave her left leg bare (almost like she's enticing someone ). Three of her arms are placed on her hips and left leg, while the fourth arm holds a spear. Behind her is the forest, full of naked could be wintertime. The Queen is solitary, yet comfortable in that solitude. She is Queen of all she surveys, even if it seems that what she surveys isn't much.

The breasts on the left: maternal/creative over the heart...that's where her heart lies: in the creation, in the nurturing. And, like most mothers, she will fight to the death to defend her "children", whether they be flesh-and-blood or projects/goals/dreams.

Most of her face is the white part, while only a smaller portion is the blue part (with the closed eye)--intuition usually requires that one closes your eyes, in a sense, and not rely on what is seen.

The four arms: four seasons, four points of the compass, four elements (earth, fire, air, water); the Fifth Element could be the energy created to take the composite of the other four and kick-start them into reality. Four is also a number of stability: this queen, for all her creative strives, is rather balanced...she has matured from the going-off-half-cocked energy of the Knight.

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