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I'm doing really well, actually - I got stuck into the journalling again last night, and managed The Sun and The Emperor, both of which had a LOT to say! I stopped before I got to the Hanged Man, because I wanted a certain book with me and I was at my SO's house, so thought it best to leave it. Plus I'd been at it for some hours already!

I did a spread yesterday, too, in preparation for today, and used the Sentence spread that was recently posted (but my variation, I believe I posted my thoughts on it). I am still astonished at how rapidly and loudly I get answers from the WoC now.

But I have noticed that my readings are getting shorter, not longer. I'm not saying that short readings are better, just that I expected more depth to result from a longer time with one deck. I feel a bit cheated when the cards say what they have to say and then shut up - there's no conversation like there used to be. It's all a bit sad, really . . .

\m/ Kat
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