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Originally Posted by Emily
I'm not doing very well with the Bohemian Gothic - I can't image studying this deck for any length of time.

I love the artwork but its just not speaking to me. And after the first positive spreads I did with it, I've had nothing like that again. I'm doing dailies and finding nothing that I can relate to.

I don't think I'm going to last with this one and to be honest I'm not sure I want to carry on with it. I'll give it until the end of the week and if I still feel the same then I'll end the study.
Sad to say, this does not surprise me I had the Silver edition of this deck, and though I looked through it and tried to like it (not something I usually have to do!) it just did not appeal to me.

I did find it empty. Or "thin", to use sravana's word. I have posted many times in many threads about my preference for symbolically dense decks with a solid structure and foundation, and I wouldn't be surprised if you have the same sort of preference, perhaps expressed only for the Liber T .
Originally Posted by Scion
Maybe if you took a week and just read some great gothic fiction... stuffed your head with the stories as it were? You might return to the BG deck with a wider field of internal references upon which your readings would draw. Not in the sense of book-learning, but just to feed your imagination.
This is a great point. I really think there is value in the osmosis method of "study" - surrounding yourself, immersing yourself, living and breathing the atmosphere and landscape of the deck you're using. Of cousre, it's going to be much more effective with the BG than, for instance, the Robin Wood. I think it would benefit an IDS-er using any themed deck, really, as long as the deck was of a sufficient calibre to stand up to that kind of pressure (no "holes", as it were ).
Originally Posted by Scion
Having written all summer, I'm actually taking a much needed break from writing myself.
Good for you, mate. I'm envious! I would love a break from the day-job!

I got the God Level done last night and I'm so proud of my efforts. This is the first time I'm going to do this - would anyone so inclined please take a look at my posts and *discuss*?


\m/ Kat
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